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TomTom launches major marketing campaign

Oct 30 2013

TomTom launches major marketing campaign


Amsterdam, 30 October 2013 – Developed with DDB and Tribal Worldwide, TomTom has created a light hearted and funny take on the frustrating experiences of being stuck in traffic.

The campaign plays on insightful, funny and awkward moments when you want to reach your destination as quickly as possible.  For example, when the very thought of sitting in an unexpected traffic jam after mistaking your traveling partner for being pregnant is unbearably uncomfortable.

The aim of the campaign is to change how people think about and use their portable navigation device, from it being a thing they use for the occasional journey to an unknown destination, to a device they use every day to help avoid traffic jams on their daily commute and get to their destination faster.  

So whether you are trying to make it to an important meeting on time, trying to get home to see the kids before they go to bed, or simply trying to escape an awkward moment in your car, TomTom Traffic will always find the quickest route.

"The team really helped bring the TomTom brand to life and show how a PND becomes relevant to daily driving when it delivers real-time, accurate traffic information", Gary Raucher, SVP of Marketing for TomTom.  “This is an important campaign for us, it is the first significant above the line campaign we have launched since 2009 and first one we have developed with DDB.”

Mark Chalmers, ECD at DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam said:  “Best friends or colleagues, husbands or wives, we've all dropped some clangers and a need for a quicker journey. Just like our scenarios, the TomTom device is for the daily commute, the airport trip or the big day out. As the campaign develops, we'll be opening it up to the public with a real time, social media tactic, created by consumers, as they contribute live, via Twitter, to improvised comedy shows in cars. “

The campaign runs in the U.K. and Germany until December 2013. Listen to the radio commercials here, and check out the full campaign here.

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