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Avoid Traffic During 405 Freeway Closure with Tips from Traffic Experts at TomTom

Sep 25 2012

Avoid Traffic During 405 Freeway Closure with Tips from Traffic Experts at TomTom

TomTom Helps Motorists Stay prepared and avoid Caramageddon II

Concord, Mass, Sept. 25, 2012– As Los Angeles drivers prepare for the expected impact of the 405 freeway closure, heralded as’ “Carmageddon II,” TomTom is sharing tips and recommendations for L.A.-area motorists to better navigate around the city this weekend, September 28 - 30.

According to TomTom’s database of car-centric speed and travel time data, the citywide campaign encouraging drivers to stay local and to avoid cross-town travel was successful during “Carmadeggon I,” which occurred on July 16 and 17, 2011. TomTom’s historical database confirms that the number of traffic jams on the Westside of Los Angeles were minimal between the evening of Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17. In fact, most drivers were off or away from the 405 freeway as much as four hours before the freeway was closed.

“According to our research, Los Angeles is consistently among the top ranking cities with the worst traffic conditions in North America,” said Nick Cohn, head of congestion research for TomTom. “With such challenging conditions present on a normal day, we strongly advise Angelenos to, once again, cooperate with authorities and stay close to home this weekend in anticipation of the 405 closure.”

Cohn also offers the following tips for Los Angeles motorists this weekend:

1. Use a navigation solution with real-time traffic updates, such as TomTom HD Traffic. TomTom HD Traffic, available on the TomTom App for iPhone, and its GO LIVE navigation devices, provides regular, real-time traffic updates for both major highways and secondary roadways

2. Check life traffic conditions online before heading out. You can access TomTom’s real-time information for free on its website:

3. Update your device using your personal computer on Friday evening. This update will download a free MapShare* patch that will automatically reroute you away from the 405 freeway this weekend

“TomTom’s rich historical data provides detailed speed and travel time data for any time of day and day of week,” added Cohn. “This enables our customer to conduct highly customized analyses that could ultimately lead to better management of a situation like the bridge demolition work in LA.”

Traffic management agencies can also get access to real-time traffic information made available through TomTom HD Traffic.

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