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TomTom warns drivers of using de-merit system

Mar 12 2012

TomTom warns drivers of using de-merit system

~ TomTom Go LIVE series assists drivers to stay within the new laws ~

South Africa; JOHANNESBURG, 12 March 2012 –The Department of Roads & Transport has recently put the South African de-merit system in place which means that breaking the law by speeding or using a mobile phone while driving will not only have serious repercussions on your bank account, but depending on the severity and repeated offensive could mean that your license could be suspended or permanently revoked.

Fortunately, with a TomTom LIVE device you no longer need to shift your attention from the road to a speed limit signs as a selection of local limitations are clearly displayed on the left hand side of your device. Should you exceed the speed limit for whichever reason; the section of the screen will flash red until the suitable limit has once again been reached.

“We understand the importance of not only a congestion free drive, but a secure and safe drive as well” explains Daan Henderickx, Country Manager of TomTom South Africa. All TomTom GO LIVE devices are Bluetooth enabled giving you the option to safely talk during your drive, instead of pulling off the road. It has been announced that they ‘talking whist driving’ offence will cost you a one point deduction from your license and depending on the speed you’re travelling, traffic violations could cost you up to R1500, 5 points or even land you up in court should the speed limit be 40km/h plus over the speed limit.

Another helpful feature is that all TomTom GO LIVE devices are voice enabled, meaning that you can plan your trip ahead through spoken instructions. Packed with all the features mentioned above, a TomTom GO LIVE device becomes a daily travel companion rather than a occasionally used GPS.

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