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TomTom Study Reveals Most Romantic Roads in the Nation

Feb 06 2012

TomTom Study Reveals Most Romantic Roads in the Nation

Concord, MA, February 6, 2012– Today, a study by TomTom reveals the most popular romantic road names in the United States. The latest TomTom study, which took an inventory of the romantic roads throughout the nation, shows which states are the most likely to find couples driving down Lovers Lanes this Valentine’s Day.

According to the results of the study, the top ten most romantic states in the nation, which were determined by the total number of miles of romantically named roads, include:

1.Texas (102.3 miles)

2.New York (85.6 miles)

3.Wisconsin (76.9 miles)

4.California (75.6 miles)

5.Georgia (70.3 miles)

6.Michigan (50.1 miles)

7.Illinois (49.9 miles)

8.Pennsylvania(49.4 miles)

9.Kentucky (48.8 miles)

10.Ohio (48.7 miles)

Additionally, the study found that the five most common romantic road names in the U.S., listed by total count, are:

1.Rose Road (3,212)

2. Lovers Lane (2,132)

3.Valentine Road (860)

4.Darling Road (258)

5.Love Street (352)

Of interest, there are 26.2 miles of roads named “Love St.” in the U.S. – love is indeed a marathon.

The results of this study were calculated using data from TomTom’s map database, and it counted roads throughout the U.S. containing the words: Couples, Cupid, Darling, Forget-Me-Not, Kiss, Love, Lover, Romance, Rose, Smooch, Sweetheart, Valentine. TomTom’s maps of the United States cover a million more miles than competing maps and include key features such as street name, direction of traffic flow, speed limits, and points of interest.

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