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NEW TomTom GO LIVE range keeps drivers in the fast lane

Aug 03 2011

NEW TomTom GO LIVE range keeps drivers in the fast lane

~ Take the fastest way around traffic with TomTom HD Traffic on the new TomTom GO LIVE GPS range ~

Sydney, 3 August 2011 – TomTom today announced the new TomTom GO LIVE range has arrived in Australia. The connected TomTom GO LIVE range delivers TomTom LIVE Services featuring HD Traffic to provide dynamic navigation that continuously adapts to changing road conditions, giving drivers the fastest route to their destination.

Combining the latest in design, hardware, software and real-time content, the TomTom GO LIVE range delivers an unrivalled navigation experience.

“The new TomTom GO LIVE range delivers the best-in-class navigation experience which allows drivers to benefit from real-time access to the best traffic information available in Australia,” said Chris Kearney, Vice President, TomTom Asia Pacific.

“The GO LIVE range also features advanced design and a superb user experience. We’re pleased to offer drivers options such as TomTom’s intelligent Fluid Touch screen and the easy-to-use Magnetic Click Mount among the products in the GO LIVE range to make their driving experience as smooth as possible,” said Kearney. “We’ve also included an option in the series with world maps to enable TomTom drivers to enjoy stress-free driving during their travels.”

Features of the TomTom GO LIVE range

TomTom LIVE Services featuring TomTom HD Traffic

The connected TomTom GO LIVE range offers TomTom LIVE Services for Australia including TomTom HD Traffic, Safety Cameras, Local Search with Google, QuickGPSfix and TomTom Weather - services which are all designed to give drivers instant road information when they need it.

TomTom HD Traffic is recognised as the world’s most accurate and detailed traffic service with updates every 2 minutes and the most complete coverage in Australia. The new TomTom GO LIVE range is the first in Australia to deliver TomTom HD Traffic, enabling drivers to stay informed about conditions ahead.

Superior Maps

All TomTom GO LIVE models contain the latest map of Australia. TomTom’s Latest Map Guaranteeensures that if a new map becomes available within 90 days of first use, every user is entitled to download the latest map free of charge.

TomTom releases four maps each year: Summer (Dec), Autumn (Mar), Winter (Jun) and Spring (Sept), ensuring TomTom users can always drive with the latest map.

Best Directions

    • TomTom IQ Routes uses billions of speed profiles contributed by TomTom drivers, which give a detailed view of road speeds every minute of the day, every day of the year. IQ Routes enables the TomTom GO LIVE to route drivers the fastest way, any time of the day.
    • Park Assist helps drivers locate the closest parking station to their destination, minimising travel times.
    • Advanced Lane Guidance clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so drivers won’t miss a turn. On the most difficult highway intersections, a realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps drivers relaxed and safe.


    • All TomTom GO LIVE models feature Bluetooth hands free calling, enabling drivers to keep focussed on the road ahead.
    • Voice control lets drivers control their TomTom device using voice. From planning a route to making a call, over 150 tasks are easily activated by voice, making for smoother and safer driving.
    • TheHelp me! Menu gives easy access to assistance and direct dial through to help when on the road.

Features of the TomTom GO LIVE 800 Series

Integrated mount with flip screen

The GO LIVE 800 series features a convenient foldaway mount that is integrated with the device, assuring it is always there when you need it. The range also benefits from a flip screen allowing easy positioning and/or dashboard mounting of the devices.

Features of the TomTom GO LIVE 2000 Series

Fluid Touch Screen and Superb Audio

Both the new TomTom GO LIVE 2050 World and the new TomTom GO LIVE 2050 feature TomTom’s capacitive 5” Fluid Touch screen, which gives drivers the ability to pinch and zoom in and out of maps, or scroll through menus with the tips of their fingers. The screen responds intelligently and sensitively to even the lightest touch. Screen clarity and brightness also give drivers a crystal clear view of the map. A superb speaker on the 2000 series gives unrivalled audio output, delivering crisp, clear voice instructions.

Easy Click Magnetic Mount

For a quick start to any journey, the GO LIVE 2000 series feature TomTom’s Easy Click magnetic mount,which makes docking and undocking easier than ever – even with just one hand. In fact, simply holding the device against the mount glides the TomTom GO LIVE 2050 World or GO LIVE 2050 Australia quickly into place.

Features of the GO LIVE 2050 World

World Maps

The TomTom GO LIVE 2050 World features maps of Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America, allowing drivers seamless navigation across over 49 countries.

The new TomTom GO LIVE Range, Pricing and Availability

The new TomTom GO LIVE range is available nationwide from early August. All models include one year of connectivity to TomTom Live Services including TomTom HD Traffic.

    TomTom GO LIVE 820 - 4.3” Screen - $299
    TomTom GO LIVE 825 - 5” Screen - $349
    TomTom GO LIVE 2050 - 5” Fluid Touch Screen - $399
    TomTom GO LIVE 2050 World - 5” Fluid Touch Screen - $499

With maps of 49 countries including Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and destinations across Europe

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