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TomTom On A Mission To Reduce Traffic For All

May 12 2011

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TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn Outlines Company’s Traffic Manifesto in the US

Concord, MA, May 12, 2011 – TomTom, the world’s leading provider of location and navigation products and services, announced the company’s mission to reduce traffic congestion for everyone as part of its Traffic Manifesto. With congestion affecting millions of people every day - creating psychological and economic impacts on both individuals and businesses - TomTom offers immediate and cost-effective solutions to help tackle traffic congestion.

The recent introduction of TomTom HD Traffic to the U.S. not only gives drivers access to the very best in traffic navigation, but it makes drivers who use TomTom HD Traffic the key to reducing traffic congestion for themselves and every driver around them. TomTom’s research indicates that it only takes 10% of drivers with TomTom's HD Traffic service to create a real-time "collective effect," making roads flow more efficiently and reducing journey times for all.

"For many drivers, traffic congestion has become inevitable," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom CEO. "We think it's time to challenge conventional thinking with a working solution to reduce traffic congestion on a large scale."

TomTom’s Traffic Manifesto outlines four key action areas, designed to accelerate mass adoption of intelligent route guidance systems. The company states that it will continue to work with individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to see the full scope of its plans become a reality. The four commitments outlined in the Manifesto are:

  1. TomTom will encourage and inspire people to play a role in reducing traffic congestion.
  2. TomTom will increase the availability of TomTom HD Traffic.
  3. TomTom will lead the continuous improvement of traffic and route guidance technology.
  4. TomTom will bring together key traffic stakeholders to share ideas and drive actions forward.

"We know that traffic congestion is not going to disappear completely, but we can do something significant to reduce it today," added Goddijn. "We're embarking on this mission because we love driving and hate traffic, and know that millions of drivers around the world feel this way too. We genuinely believe that TomTom has a role to play in helping to reduce traffic congestion in countries all over the world."

The company is committed to bringing its Traffic Manifesto around the world, following its introduction in Europe late last year. The Manifesto has been unveiled in the U.S. market following the recent introduction of TomTom’s HD Traffic service to the U.S. in April on the new TomTom GO 2535 M LIVE and its availability on TomTom is further delivering on this commitment by extending its portfolio of real time traffic products to its range of industry partners.

To learn more about TomTom’s Traffic Manifesto and to read the technical backgrounder on this issue, visit

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About TomTom
Founded in 1991, TomTom (AEX:TOM2) is the world’s leading supplier of location and navigation products and services focused on providing all drivers with the world’s best navigation experience. Headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom has over 3,500 employees and sells its products in over 40 countries.

Our products include portable navigation devices, in-dash infotainment systems, fleet management solutions, maps and real-time services, including the award winning TomTom HD Traffic.

For the world’s most up-to-date route planner, including live traffic information please visit

For further information, please visit

Note to Editors

Definition – TomTom HD Traffic
TomTom HD Traffic provides the most accurate reporting by capturing more of the actual traffic jams than ever before. Additionally, TomTom HD Traffic will recognize traffic conditions for all major and secondary roads within the U.S. road network and will deliver real-time traffic updates every two minutes. With these advancements, TomTom HD Traffic will help drivers steer clear of traffic sooner and get them to their destination faster.

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