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The easiest way from A to B: TomTom Start 10

Oct 07 2010

The easiest way from A to B: TomTom Start 10

~ Now with Advanced Lane Guidance for a clearer view at complex intersections ~

Sydney, 7 October 2010 – TomTom today announced the TomTom Start 10 to the Australian market. The TomTom Start 10 builds on the best features of the TomTom Start and now offers drivers the Advanced Lane Guidance feature making it the perfect device for a first time buyer.

“We’re always excited to develop our products and attract new users to GPS navigation. We have focused on providing drivers with the fastest way to their destination at any time of day through IQ Routes™, as well as offering Advanced Lane Guidance to make the driving experience as stress-free as possible,” said Chris Kearney, Vice President Marketing, TomTom Asia Pacific.

Advanced Lane Guidance

The Advanced Lane Guidance feature clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so drivers won’t miss their turn. On the most difficult highway intersections, a realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps drivers relaxed and safe.

Easy to use with best directions

The TomTom Start 10 maintains the compact design that is synonymous with the TomTom Start range, with a 3.5” touch screen and easy to use, two-button menu. Spoken Street Names means drivers will never miss a turn and the integrated fold and go, EasyPort™ mount, makes the whole device fit into any pocket, small bag or glove compartment. Safety camera alerts are included for stress-free driving, safer and cheaper driving.

The Start 10 features TomTom IQ Routes™, utilising real speed data collected from millions of TomTom drivers to calculate accurate travel and arrival times. IQ Routes™ ensures all users of the TomTom Start 10 will receive the best directions, every minute of every day, taking into account peak hour, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, school zones and anything else that affects travel times.

Availability and pricing

The TomTom Start 10 will be available from October 2010 at a RRP of $179.

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