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Mazda chooses TomTom as their connected navigation services supplier in Europe

Sep 30 2010

Mazda chooses TomTom as their connected navigation services supplier in Europe

Paris Motor Show, 30 September 2010 – TomTom, the world's leading provider of location and navigation solutions, today announced that it will supply Mazda Motor Corporation with a connected in-dash multi media and navigation solution, developed in cooperation with SANYO.

The solution combines SANYO's audio video infotainment features with TomTom's in-car navigation technology, including TomTom LIVE Services. It will be offered by Mazda as an option on its new Mazda5 in Europe.

"I am extremely pleased that Mazda has selected us to supply them with the latest in location and connected navigation solutions. This announcement marks TomTom's first integrated automotive infotainment solution with SANYO and shows our ability to deliver a complete connected infotainment solution, including audio, video, navigation and interactive services" says Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive.

"At Mazda we are very excited about the new relationship founded with TomTom," said Jorgen Olesen, Vice President, Logistics and Customer Service, Mazda Motor Europe. "This will enable Mazda owners to have the latest state-of-the-art navigation system fully integrated into our all-new Mazda5. TomTom was chosen as supplier due to their superior technology including map and dynamic route intelligence."

This announcement coincides with the launch of TomTom's Traffic Manifesto across Europe. The Manifesto outlines how TomTom and its partners are on a mission to reduce congestion for all. Mazda customers will benefit from a reduction in their journey times and will contribute to reducing congestion for other drivers by making better use of the existing road network.

Key features

The key features of the new TomTom Mazda5 solution include:

LIVE Services – the HD Traffic™ navigation system combines the world's most accurate traffic information with dynamic route guidance technology. It is the most accurate as it covers more road kilometres on both secondary and main roads. It reports traffic jams with higher accuracy and also refreshed more frequently than any other service, with updates every two minutes. Drivers can stay ahead with up-to-date speed camera information on both fixed and mobile cameras en route, as well as live weather updates and local search which is sent directly to the SIM card of your in-dash system.

Updatability – the navigation solution can be regularly updated. This means anything from maps, to new software to voices can be downloaded to the device via TomTom HOME.

Full infotainment solution – the complete system solution supports features like hands-free dialing via Bluetooth, MP3 playback from USB or iPod, control by speech and rear-view camera viewing.

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