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Take you to your destination, Yoda will

Jul 08 2010

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~ The Jedi Master is latest official Star Wars voice, available only on TomTom ~

Amsterdam, 08 July 2010 – The Force is strong with TomTom drivers – and it’s about to get stronger. As of today, in association with LucasFilm™ and, TomTom customers can be guided by the greatest Jedi Master of them all: Yoda.

Yoda joins Darth Vader and C-3PO and is the latest official Star Wars voice to launch exclusively for TomTom devices. Han Solo will complete the line-up of fan favorites in August.

A powerful Jedi warrior Yoda may be. But his quirky diction and mischievous personality also make him one of the most charming characters in the Star Wars universe – and one who adds a whole galaxy of fun to TomTom GPS voice commands. Incorporating dialogue inspired by the original Star Wars films, Yoda’s navigation instructions include “After 700 hundred yards hmm, keep to the right then take a sharp left. Control, control, if a Jedi you wish to be.”

The Yoda voice also comes with ghostly encouragement from Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi, which is taken from the original films and embedded into the navigation commentary. John Williams’ ‘Yoda’s Theme’ music is also interwoven with certain commands, providing a rich, cinematic experience rarely heard on navigation systems.

“We’re thrilled by the reception that the Star Wars voices have received thus far and now we’re excited to add Yoda to our line up as it is one of the most frequently requested voices by the TomTom community,” said Tom Murray, senior vice president market development at TomTom, Inc.

“The TomTom brand is synonymous with high quality navigation. Star Wars fans are sure to be delighted when they hear just how great these voices sound on their TomTom navigation devices,” says Casey Collins, sr. director of international licensing and marketing at Lucas Licensing.

In addition to Yoda’s voice, TomTom has launched a range of official Yoda wallpapers and alert sounds voiced by the Jedi Master. TomTom customers can download these items for free to ensure their TomTom device is enlisted in the service of the Jedi.

All official Star Wars voices for TomTom devices are available in English, while Yoda and Darth Vader are also now available in German. Further languages will be available throughout the summer.

Yoda’s voice is available for download now for $12.95.

To watch the brand new viral movie featuring Master Yoda click here or to find out more about official Star Wars voices for TomTom devices and train as a Jedi in TomTom’s Star Wars game, visit

– END –

Official high resolution pictures of Star Wars are available on request.

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