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TomTom: priser og anmeldelser

Alt det sidste nye om TomTom-produktlanceringer, opgraderinger, arrangementer og vundne priser.
Dec 2005
Dec 15 2005 T3 describes TomTom GO 700 as a class act
Nov 2005
Nov 30 2005 TomTom GO 300 listed as number one choice for satellite navigation in the Daily Telegraph
Nov 25 2005 TomTom GO 700 Garners 6th Place in T3’s List of Top 100 Gadgets of 2005
Nov 25 2005 Stuff Magazine refers to TomTom as the “default name in personal sat-nav”
Nov 25 2005 TomTom GO 700 - “Perhaps the best standalone satellite navigation unit on the market”
Nov 24 2005 Peterborough Citizen unveils the Sat Nav system on two wheels
Nov 24 2005 Mobile Choice explores the TomTom RIDER
Nov 24 2005 There can be only ONE cheap GPS
Oct 2005
Oct 11 2005 “About the best on the market” claims The Independent
Oct 06 2005 Mobile Business reviews the TomTom GO 300
Oct 05 2005 On the right road with TomTom GO 300, and it’s easy to see why!
Oct 05 2005 Best Style and Easiest to use
Oct 05 2005 www.Pocketgpsworld.com says: "TomTom have excelled themselves with TomTom Mobile"
Oct 05 2005 TomTom MOBILE 5: the killer application for Mobile phones
Oct 01 2005 TomTom RIDER
Sep 2005
Sep 28 2005 "This could be the perfect London gadget"
Sep 28 2005 PC Pro recommends TomTom Navigator 5 as one of the best choices out there
Sep 28 2005 Sunday Mail says they would be lost without their TomTom - nothing beats it!
Jul 2005
Jul 01 2005 MCN:'Finally, GPS designed just for motorcyles'
Jun 2005
Jun 01 2005 Get your motor running…

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