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TomTom ONE is winner of the Hot Stuff Buy Award!

Mar 01 2006

TomTom ONE is winner of the Hot Stuff Buy Award!
TomTom ONE is the overall winner with 5 out of 5 stars in a group test including different GPS systems published by Stuff, one of the leading gadget magazines in the UK. TomTom deservedly receives the Hot Stuff Buy Award for this achievement! The article in stuff highlights: “TomTom’s ONE is autobahn fast. Just 20 seconds after switch-on, a signal located, it asks where you fancy going.” Stuff continues with “The ONE has a fantastic touchscreen display and great interface, which quickly narrows down your desired destination. It’s also the quickest here at route calculation – including re-routing due to a missed turn. The real killer is the directions: it has the best voice in terms of timbre and clarity, which it uses sparingly, and it’s timed to perfection.” The overall conclusion of Stuff: “This affordable sat-nav is in pole position thanks to its speed and friendly delivery.”
[March 2006]

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