TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 is the best buy according to Co

Jan 30 2006

TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 is the best buy according to Computer Shopper Magazine!
In their March 2006 issue Computer Shopper magazine tests several GPS Devices. They say: “It is impossible to judge how well a GPS system will navigate to your destination without taking it on the road, so we took each system for a drive in and around London”. In this test, the TomTom’s NAVIGATOR 5 receives five stars. ”NAVIGATOR 5 on the Pocket PC works in the same way as TomTom’s standalone GO 300. The interface is designed to be used without a stylus, so the icons and keybord are huge. The software runs far faster than any of the other Pocket PC systems, so planning a route is painless”.  The voice prompts are also very clear, according to Computer Shopper Magazine. It concludes with: “TomTom’s NAVIGATOR 5 for Pocket PC is just as impressive as TomTom’s standalone system.”
[January 2006]

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