TomTom GO 700: winner of the T3 Gold Award *****

Dec 02 2005

TomTom GO 700: winner of the T3 Gold Award *****
T3 is very excited about the TomTom GO 700. “We're in love, and we don't care that it is with a box of electronics.” While the TomTom Go 700 isn't drop dead gorgeous to look at, it's what's inside that matters.” The TomTom GO 700 won them over with its easy to use interface and impressive attention to detail. They were impressed by its fluid map display, which according to them transfer roundabouts into the best part of driving. About TomTom PLUS nice lady voice, they say: “it’s like having your girlfriend actually know where she’s going”. The article finishes by saying that the TomTom GO 700 is a quality product that wins friends and in and influences people on the strength of its intuitive user interface.
[October 2005]

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