TomTom entry-level satnav is a killer

Dec 22 2006

“TomTom entry-level satnav is a killer"
The TomTom ONE Europe receives a glowing review and is described as the "daddy of the satnav world". The TomTom ONE is praised for being easy to use and for its light, portable design. The affordable price of the TomTom ONE is highlighted as one of its great selling points, "if you've thought of getting a satnav but been put off by their price, this should be the unit to convert you". The TomTom ONE Europe is awarded 5 out of 5 stars and is given the T3 Gold Award. T3 conclude with the positive words: "despite stronger and stronger opposition, TomTom continues to drive all before it in the satnav world." (January 2007)

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