TomTom Navigator 5: “the cream of the crop”

Jul 17 2006

TomTom Navigator 5: “the cream of the crop”
PC Pro tested the TomTom Navigator 5 in combination with the Palm TX and came to the conclusion that this is “a likeable PDA and GPS package, with very user-friendly navigation software.” It continues by saying: “Importantly, TomTom’s maps are superb. Apart from the clear graphics and colour-coded road classes, street names are easy to read and road widths scale extremely well as you zoom in and out, giving a natural sense of distance…Together with clear voice instructions, it’s a joy to use.” The interface also receives some compliments for its user friendliness: “Tapping the map brings up the menu; the large icons are finger-friendly for easy use in the car.” PC Pro’s overall conclusion: “TomTom Navigator 5 is the cream of the crop.”
[July 2006]

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