TomTom has done it again!

Jul 06 2006

TomTom has done it again!
The TomTom GO 910 again becomes a T3 test winner in a comparitive test with several sat-navs. T3 is very pleased with the new TomTom GO910: ‘TomToms have always been userfriendly, but this takes it even further with just one hard control – a power button. The four-inch widescreen oozes detail, with clear menus just a finger prod away. It’s packed with features, from multiple voices to a built-in MP3 player.’ But besides this, the TomTom GO 910 is also performing well on his core feature navigation: ‘…route calculation is also faster than average. Guidance is best on test, with intuitive maps and even side roads being described by name.’ T3’s overall conclusion: ‘This is a top navigator…TomTom has done it again. Navigation has never looked so good – and now it’s in widescreen!’
[July 2006]

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