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Engadget - Hands-on/roadtest with the TomTom GO 720

Oct 04 2007 -

Tech blog Engadget recently took the TomTom GO 720 for an extensive road trip and had some great things to report. Reviewer Joshua Topolsky wrote, "...TomTom's slickly designed and elegantly executed 720 is a seriously welcome addition to our navigational world, and frankly, we'll be sad to see the little guy go."

In their roadtest, Engadget praised numerous aspects of GO 720:
"Getting around the GUI was pretty much a snap, and it took only a few minutes to power on, get a signal, and plot our first course. Navigating through the menus with a finger is totally comfortable, as all of the icons are large enough even for someone with the bear-like mitts of your narrator."
"The provided maps are quite impressive. Even when we took the car off to some serious backwoods, the 720 kept chugging along, finding some impressively obscure trails for us to motor across."
"TomTom has been blazing an increasingly popular path (no pun intended) in the GPS world for some time now, and it's easy to see why. The GO 720 is a smartly designed, simple to understand, and feature-rich navigation tool which could appeal as easily to gadget-mavens as much as it would to families needing some guidance for roadtrips."

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