Stuff magazine: “For once something exciting occured in sat-nav land”

Mar 31 2006 -

Stuff magazine: “For once something exciting occured in sat-nav land”
Stuff magazine was one of the first UK magazines to have a play with the new TomTom GO 910, which got the reviewers of Stuff magazine in a “fevered state”. “TomTom’s new hard drive-packing, iPod-loving widescreen sat-nav.”, as they call it, is receiving good marks for its high quality wide screen. “For plain old navigation, the neat bit is the widescreen…this one has a corking 480 x 272 resolution which – on the unit we saw – had a good viewing angle and was coping well with sun streaming in through the windows.”
Stuff magazine also loves the text-to speech feature, suggesting it’s “the most natural text-to-speech we’ve heard yet”. “The music side of things is even more interesting…free space for MP3’s and JPEGs, proper browsing by artist, album and genre, plus a USB dock to transfer the stuff on there from your PC.” Stuff magazine finishes the article with: “last but not least – and where skipping a whole lot of stuff here – there’s Bluetooth phone and hands-free integration and some cool new PC software for loading new voices, maps, music and photos.”
[March, 2006]

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