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The Daily Telegraph says: ‘Time to buy in-car sat-nav!”

Jan 22 2006 -

The Daily Telegraph says: ‘Time to buy in-car sat-nav!”
“Ever tried to negotiate an unfamiliar city while reading confusing road signs and the road atlas on the passenger seat?” According to the Daily Telegraph it’s time to buy in-car sat-nav. “Yesterday’s cutting edge gizmo is now affordable, portable and user-friendly. Just don’t get lost on the way to Dixons…” The journalist tries to find his way through the maze of sat-nav products on offer. One of the devices he chose to review is the TomTom ONE: “With its easy-to-use touch screen and voice commands, the ONE is probably TomTom’s most straightforward device – from unpacking to ‘all systems go’ takes less than 10 minutes. It can access 20 satellites to guide your way (12 are standard). Extra-cost upgrades will supply you info on the weather, fixed speed cameras and points of interest.”
[22 January, 2006]

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