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How to start using Map Share

Good news! Your TomTom device is already Map Share enabled! All you need is the latest version of TomTom HOME.

Your device


Please follow these steps to start using Map Share

1      You need the latest version of TomTom HOME

Do you have the latest version of TomTom HOME installed?
How to check?

Download and install or update to the latest version of TomTom HOME.Click here

Done with installing or updating?


Congratulations! You’re ready to use Map Share!

You can now make instant updates to your map and benefit from the local road knowledge of millions of other drivers. To start using Map Share tap on Map Corrections in the Main Menu on your device. And don’t forget to regularly connect your device to TomTom HOME to share and receive updates from the Map Share community. Go to Map Share

TomTom Map Share

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  • Please note that Map Share is currently only available in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa.
  • TomTom NAVIGATOR is currently not compatible with Map Share.

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