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How does GPS work?

Did you know…
Where the name TomTom comes from?

Navigation is as old as the stars. For centuries, people all over the world have helped each other find their way using such methods as beacons, signposts... and drums.

Anthropologists claim that drums mark the start of communication technology. Signals and messages were communicated over great distances with drum beats to ensure travelers would find their destination as quickly and accurately as possible. Exactly as TomTom does today.

Harold Goddijn, chief executive of TomTom, remembers the search for an appropriate name for our portable navigation devices.

“Before we used the name TomTom, the company was called Palmtop. The name reflected what we were doing at the time: the development of applications for handheld computers, and especially the Palm Pilot. When the opportunities in the market increased, we realized that we needed a new name that reflected our new focus on the navigation industry. GPS navigation ensures that anyone can reach his or her destination quickly, easily and stress-free, regardless of the device they are using. TomTom was the perfect choice.

“The TomTom logo with the two playing hands is also represents perfectly what we’re trying to provide – an easy means of helping people find their way. And of course it’s a fun image, too.”

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