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How does GPS work?

Did you know…
GPS enhances fleet management, vehicle localization and tracking?

For fleet managers…
GPS can be used not just to navigate individual cars but to make whole fleets of vehicles operate more efficiently, by using vehicle localization and tracking systems such as TomTom WORK.

Road haulage fleets, local suppliers, courier companies, express services and service providers, such as florists, painters, electricians or plumbers. The types of organisation that can benefit from a GPS fleet management system are almost limitless.

But how does it work?

Each fleet vehicle uses its own navigation device (TomTom GO) to find its way around, but also carries an additional small unit (TomTom LINK) containing a SIM card. This enables them to have 2-way (standard) text communication with their fleet manager’s via the online tracking and tracing tool (TomTom WEBFLEET). The data travel via the system provider, using the mobile phone network.

The tool (TomTom WEBFLEET) also enables the fleet managers to have 24-hour secure access to all vehicle management and reporting information, from any PC. On a digital map he can view all vehicles’ locations in real-time from anywhere they have internet access.

… For road authorities
GPS can also be used by road authorities and governments to monitor traffic flow and volume.

Nowadays virtually every moving car contains a mobile phone, which constantly transmits signals to the GSM network antennae that identify the location of the phone as it moves.

Smart new technology is now available that converts this GSM traffic data into accurate, real-time, anonymous information on the speed and direction of cars. Working in partnership with mobile network providers, a TomTom company (TomTom Mobility Solutions) uses this ground-breaking technology to provide road authorities with information on traffic flow in their region.

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