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How does GPS work?

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Whereas GPS was designed by and for the military, GALILEO is mainly intended for civilian and industrial use. Unlike GPS, it will have not only free but also commercial applications and different levels of service and access:

 Open Service (OS)  Open signals for the mass market and free of charge. Primarily for simple navigational and timing purposes

 Commercial Service (CS) Two additional (encrypted) signals to OS offer a higher data rate and thus better performance. For professional applications, CS will offer a service level guarantee (charged by the providers)

 Safety of Life Service (SoL)  For industries where safety is critical, such as aviation, warnings will be sent out when the system fails to meet set margins of accuracy. SoL will have a service level guarantee

 Public Regulated Service (PRS)  Encrypted service for public bodies (e.g. with safety responsibilities) who need guaranteed continuity of service, security against interference or jamming and controlled access. PRS will probably also come to be used against illegal goods transportation and unlawful immigration
 Search and Rescue service (SAR) Service to support relief and rescue services; it can send feedback, confirming that help is on its way

The costs of GALILEO will for a large part be paid by the industry, who will make the most use of the system.

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