¿Cómo funciona un GPS?

TomTom Education

¿Cómo funciona TomTom?

Ahora que ya entiende más o menos cómo funciona el GPS, debe estar preguntándose qué hace exactamente su TomTom con toda la información que recibe del GPS.

  1. Inside your TomTom Device
    Your TomTom may not be big, but it’s very clever. Pulling together all the data available from GPS and converting it into something that can navigate across continents with amazing accuracy.
  2. More than just getting you from A-B
    By making smart use of any new technological advances, your TomTom doesn’t just bring you to where you want to be. It makes getting there ever more efficient, relaxed and fun.
  3. Smart navigation on your PDA or smart phone
    A smartphone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) helps you plan where you have to be. And now that you can add TomTom navigation to a smart phone or PDA, it can tell you how to get there too.

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