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How does GPS work?

TomTom Education


Thanks to a GPS signal you can figure out exactly where you are on this planet. But where and how is this signal created?

  1. What is GPS?
    GPS stands for Global Positioning System: the world’s first man-made satellite navigation system.
  2. The history of GPS
    GPS was initially used for military purposes, but was soon made available for civilian use.
  3. Who uses GPS?
    One of the beauties of GPS is its versatility; it is now used for all sorts of purposes.
  4. How does GPS work?
    A GPS signal can work out your location and help you navigate all over the world, but how does it technically work?
  5. Alternative satellite systems
    GPS may be the most well-known satellite system, but it is by no means the only one. There is currently a lot of activity in the world of satellite systems. More systems are being developed and existing systems are becoming increasingly powerful.

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