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TomTom Speed Cameras

What is the TomTom Speed Cameras service?

TomTom Speed Cameras service provides alerts for speed cameras ahead.
Drive more relaxed with alerts for speed cameras ahead. These timely warnings increase your awareness of local speed limits and help you save money on speeding fines.

Why update TomTom Speed Cameras?

Receive the latest fixed and mobile speed camera locations.
Speed camera locations change every day. With regular updates on fixed and mobile* speed cameras you can always be up-to-date on the most recent speed camera locations.


Twice-weekly updates to fixed cameras and real-time activation of 1,200 mobile* speed camera locations across South Africa.


With more than 95% coverage, you are always up-to-date with the most recent camera locations


As soon as new speed camera locations are reported, they are quickly verified and shared with you. Reports are received from an active community of almost 30,000 drivers across South Africa.
*Mobile speed cameras are only available on the all new TomTom GO range and TomTom LIVE navigation devices with an active subscription.

TomTom Speed Cameras

New TomTom GO series
(Always Connected or Smartphone Connected devices)

If you have an Always Connected or Smartphone Connected TomTom GO, your device can download the latest fixed and mobile speed camera locations automatically.
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TomTom LIVE devices

To update the Speed Cameras on your TomTom LIVE device, you need to buy TomTom LIVE Services. LIVE Services delivers the best real-time services straight to your TomTom device, all in one convenient bundle.

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Other TomTom devices

You can download the latest fixed speed camera locations from MyDrive or TomTom HOME, depending on your device. The list of locations is updated twice a week. Make sure you connect your device to your PC regularly so that your device is always up to date