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Don’t let the weather spoil your plans!

TomTom Weather gives you local daily and five-day forecasts on your TomTom device, helping you make plans based on the weather.
You can also find out about road conditions to make sure you get to where you're going safely.

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Get five-day weather forecasts

TomTom Weather gives you:

  • Premium, detailed weather information

  • Clearly spoken forecasts, that are regularly updated and automatically sent to your device

  • Single-screen view of current weather or five-day forecast

  • Complete coverage in your country

  • Intuitive retrieval: just select the location and request the weather

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With TomTom Weather you immediately know the current weather situation, or you can look at the 5 day forecast in one screen view.

This way you can plan your journey better and safer!

Your device can receive weather information in South Africa.

TomTom Weather

Weather is part of TomTom LIVE Services. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all in one smart bundle.

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