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Real Time & Historical Traffic - Banner

Real Time Traffic

The most accurate real time traffic information

Where are the traffic jams and accidents at rush hour? How fast is traffic moving on the overall road network?  
TomTom real time traffic creates a vivid picture of traffic conditions as they evolve, keeping drivers in control of their journeys.
TomTom provides the most accurate, biggest coverage and the highest update frequency for real time traffic information in the world; helping you create location aware systems at speed that the end users of today’s world demand.

TomTom Traffic

Navigate with up-to-the minute incident and congestion information.

TomTom Traffic Flow

View what’s happening in real time on the entire road network.

TomTom Traffic Route Times

Get to your destination quickly with the most accurate travel and delay times.

Historical Traffic

The largest resource to predict traffic flow

TomTom makes available the largest car centric database of more than 5 trillion anonymously-collected data points, providing analysis to predict driving behavior across the road network.

Speed Profiles

Determine the fastest route and accurate ETA at different times of the day.

Custom Area Analysis

Analyse the traffic congestion and wide-area road network performance at different times of the day.

Custom Travel Times

Analyse travel times and delays for each section of a specific route during different times of the day.