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MultiNet Map Data

MultiNet Map Data is the premier map database for the industry's freshest, richest and most accurate data. MultiNet Map Data enables you to incorporate the most reliable mapping data available into your map-based applications.

ConnectPlus Map Data

ConnectPlus Map Data meets your demand for navigable coverage in new geographies, with an emphasis on rapid time-to-market. ConnectPlus Map Data supports mapping, routing and navigation, and allows cross-border routing that links seamlessly with the MultiNet map database.

Connect Map Data

Connect Map Data gives you ideal routing and display functionalities for applications in geographies where MultiNet Map Data and ConnectPlus Map Data are not available. When Connect, Connect Plus and MultiNet Map Databases combine, TomTom maps cover the whole globe.

Geospatial for Oracle

This out-of-the-box product suite provides any Oracle user direct access to our industry-leading geocoding, routing and mapping data. By leveraging the powerful marriage between TomTom’s location intelligence and Oracle’s spatial technologies, your geo-enabled applications will help you make smart decisions based on both location and time.

Indoor Venue Maps

Micello Indoor Venue Maps - access to over 15,000 indoor venue maps throughout the world which includes over 50,000 individual buildings and over 775,000 individual Places of Interest (POI's). Micello maps also include intricate navigation which offers routing from point to point within the indoor map.


Every location on Earth can be represented by a mapcode. Mapcodes were designed to be short, easy to recognise, remember and communicate.