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Global Geocoder

GeoGeocoding literally puts addresses on the map.
It is the backbone of the growing Location Based Services market as well as the main source of location intelligence. Location Intelligence is used by a broad range of industries to improve overall business results. Geocodes are references to real life locations.
With our Batch Geocoding Service offering, huge amounts of addresses are converted into map coordinates, quickly, accurately and with nearly worldwide coverage, using our web-based service.

Global Coverage:
TomTom provides an international solution available via a simple and easy to use web service. Supporting over 95 countries, with house number level geocoding in over 50 of those countries.

Address points in 17 countries today and growing:
Delivering the most accurate geocodes possible in key markets across the world including US, Russia and Taiwan.

Batch mode processing:
High volume results in one easy step. 

High performance, restriction free web service:
TomTom’s Global Geocoder geocoding web service delivers restriction free usage to enable high performance, high volume industrial geocoding services

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How Does it Work:

Go to to request and account.

geocoder - goto

Upload a file…

geocoder - upload

And review your results…

geocoder - results