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Global Geocoder

Geocoding literally puts addresses on the map. It is the backbone of the growing Location Based Services market as well as the main source of location intelligence. Geocodes are references to real life locations.

Maps API

Build both native and HTML applications with maps, routing, geocoding, and other advanced LBS features and deploy across multiple mobile operating systems and browsers for mobile phones, tablets, desktops and other location-enabled devices.

MarketScope - Location Based Analysis

MarketScope is a geo-marketing analysis tool giving decision-makers the ability to compare and contrast company data on consumers, sales patterns and customer trends with the latest Census data.

AVT - Address Validation Tool

The Address Validation Tool that provides accurate address data at a street number level. The tool systematically guides users through a step-by-step, this results in an accurate, well-structured address with GPS co-ordinates.

Put your business on the map

Put your business on the most widely used digital map in Africa and allow customers to search for, locate and plot the most direct route to your business.