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High-Speed Dual-Charger

R 329.00

High-Speed Multi-Charger

R 299.00

Compact Car Charger

R 199.00

GO Connect Cable

R 199.00

Battery Cable

R 199.00

Mounts & docks

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Dashboard Mount Disks

R 149.00

Easy Dashboard Mount

R 249.00

Easy Reach Windscreen Mount

R 299.00

Click & Go Mount and Charger

R 499.00

Extra Mount and Charger

R 499.00

EasyPort Mount Kit

R 399.00

Car Mounting Kit

R 1,149.00

Motorcycle Mount

R 799.00

Motorcycle Mount Kit

R 1,399.00

Reversible Mount

R 259.00


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Universal Carry Case

R 249.00

Protective Carry Case

R 299.00

Screen Protection Pack

R 129.00

Protective Carry Case

R 299.00

Anti-Theft Solution

R 849.00

Anti-theft Solution

R 1,099.00

Car Mounting Kit & Protective Carry Case Bundle

R 999.00

Premium Pack

R 449.00