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Safety Camera Alerts

Drive Safer and Avoid Tickets

TomTom Safety Camera alerts announces when you’re approaching thousands of fixed or mobile traffic camera locations in the United States, giving you advanced warning of dangerous intersections and potential speed traps.

This free service is only available via TomTom HOME and helps drivers to be safer on the road and avoid costly traffic tickets.

Thousands of Cameras Nationwide

When you join TomTom Safety Camera alerts, you’re provided with thousands of locations of red light cameras, traffic cameras, tollbooth cameras, bi-directional speed cameras, and others. Your TomTom GPS will give audible and visual warnings of approaching traffic enforcement zones so you can adjust to the changing traffic condition and proceed with caution.

Our comprehensive database of safety camera, red light camera, and traffic camera locations is extremely accurate, combining data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), our own Quality Assurance and Testing Teams, and TomTom owners who report camera locations via TomTom MapShare.

Safety Camera Coverage

Our Safety Camera database incorporates multiple types of photo enforcement technologies including:

  • Red light cameras
  • Fixed intersection cameras
  • Mobile speed traps
  • Tollbooth cameras
  • And others as reported by MapShare users and the TomTom Map Control Team

States covered:

States covered