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Points of Interest

TomTom Points of Interest

Your TomTom device comes with thousands of POI's (Points of Interest) to enrich your navigation experience. They make your trips more easy and interesting.
Looking for a hotel or restaurant close to your destination or perhaps on route? Your TomTom tells you exactly which options you have and takes you straight there.

You can download additional POIs using TomTom HOME desktop software. TomTom has selected the most interesting, most convenient and relevant POI sets for you by teaming up with the best content suppliers around.

But that is not all. You can also download hundreds useful POI sets that other TomTom users have created, like fun shops, camp sites, car dealers, etc.

Get more with TomTom LIVE Services

LIVELike to search more locations than ever, including telephone numbers and user reviews? Check out TomTom Places. 

Points of Interest

All the POI's you can get!

  • An ever growing range of useful POI's from expert sources and TomTom users.

  • Get alerts when a Point of Interest is within range.

  • Call a POI directly from the map.

Points of Interest

Downloading Points of Interest

You can download Points of Interest directly onto your TomTom device via TomTom HOME desktop software. Everything you need to keep your TomTom device up to date - get new software updates, download new maps, access free content from the TomTom community, subscribe to services and much more.


To download Voices to your device, it will need TomTom software version 5.0 or higher. Check the version number of your TomTom software.