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Lifetime Traffic Updates

Spending more time stopped in traffic than actually moving?

Traffic congestion has increased more than 50% in the past decade and an individual traveler will waste over 36 hours a year stuck in traffic, almost a week’s vacation. Now you can save money and avoid delays with TomTom Lifetime Traffic Updates for the useful life of your GPS device.

With the traffic receiver built right in, you will stay up to date on traffic conditions along your route. Available in 110 metropolitan areas in North America, TomTom Lifetime Traffic Updates will recalculate your travel time and suggest alternate routes. Plus, TomTom’s traffic provider owns the entire value chain from gathering to confirming to distributing the traffic data, resulting in better quality in your traffic broadcasts.

Lifetime Traffic Updates

Get more with TomTom LIVE Services

LiveIf you would like to receive the latest traffic information as often as every few minutes, with even more detailed coverage, then why not have a look at TomTom HD Traffic? This highly accurate traffic information is sent straight to your TomTom device - without you having to connect or activate a thing.

Lifetime Traffic Updates

Real-time traffic information on your TomTom device

Real-time traffic information across the US, using accurate and up-to-date sources.

Detailed incident reports estimated delay times, alternative routes and - if enabled - automatic re-routing.

Accurate real-time warnings about dangerous road conditions ahead (fog, snow, ice and so on) anywhere in the US.

Clear on-screen animated traffic alerts as and when you want them, plus spoken alerts.

Smart push technology which minimizes the amount of data needed to update traffic information on your device.

Real-time traffic information

Real-time traffic information2

Traffic information key

Traffic information key

Lifetime Traffic Updates

Traffic information throughout the US & Canada

You can use your TomTom Traffic subscription in the United States and Canada.
For detailed coverage click on the map below:

Coverage US and Canada

Lifetime Traffic Updates

Find the solution that is right for you

With Lifetime Traffic Updates, TomTom automatically updates you with the latest traffic information, recalculates your trip time, and suggests alternate routes.

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We've bundled Lifetime Traffic Updates** on several of our most popular devices. Click on a product for more information.

**You receive non-transferable traffic data until the product's useful life expires or TomTom no longer receives traffic updates from its suppliers, whichever is shorter. Details and terms at

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