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Fuel Prices

Find the cheapest gas in your area

Are you tired of driving around searching for the cheapest gas station? Frustrated when you pay too much for gas? And if you only knew ahead of time that the gas station down the street was selling unleaded for $.08 cheaper …

Fuel prices change frequently, and with prices as they are, every little bit helps. Now you can rely on TomTom Fuel Prices to help you always get the lowest prices in your area. Every time you connect your TomTom to the PC, TomTom HOME sends real-time prices to your device. You can also receive updates over-the-air* while you are on the road with a compatible phone.

Then, select the nearest and cheapest gas station and let TomTom navigate you there.

Key Features:

  • Get updates from more than 80,000 service stations across the United States
  • Pricing data for most grades of gasoline: regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel
  • Unlimited updates via TomTom HOME (or over-the-air*)
  • One time fee of $19.95 for 12 months of service

To purchase TomTom's Fuel Prices, you will need to connect to TomTom HOME, our free desktop software or purchase a download card through our webstore.

* To receive updates over-the-air, a compatible cell phone with a wireless data plan is required. To check compatibility, go to