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LIVE QuickGPSfix

A quick start with TomTom LIVE QuickGPSfix™

Your TomTom device uses the signals of at least 4 satellites to to pinpoint your location. To start navigating, it needs to know exactly where each satellite is. Stop waiting! Start navigating faster with LIVE QuickGPSfix™. No need to connect to your home computer, your TomTom LIVE device will automatically download the latest satellite position data as soon as it's available.

This smart service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to get a GPS signal within 30 seconds - even when it's is weak or partially blocked.

QuickGPSfix is also available as a non-LIVE service via TomTom HOME

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LIVE QuickGPSfix


YTomTom QuickGPSfix is part of TomTom LIVE Services. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all in one smart bundle.

LIVE Services is available via:

TomTom GO LIVE 1535 Series

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Driving smarter every day. Wherever you go.

QuickGPSfix is also available as a FREE non-LIVE service via TomTom HOME.

Learn more about non-LIVE QuickGPSfix