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LIVE Fuel Prices

Always find the cheapest price on gas!

cheapest price on gasWith Fuel Prices on your TomTom LIVE device, you’ll never pay more than you have to for gas. For the average driver that means saving over $40 a year*. TomTom LIVE devices are connected to the latest fuel price data, and it updates every day. With a few quick taps, you can get a list of the gas stations near you from your preloaded POI data, their distance from your location, and LIVE Services will display their prices on a gallon of Regular, Mid-grade, Premium, Diesel, and E85 Ethanol gas, if available. You can then navigate directly to the station of your choice.

You’ll always find the cheapest gas in your area and on your route.

TomTom Fuel Prices covers thousands of preloaded POI gas stations in the United States.

Fuel Prices is a LIVE Service. All LIVE devices comes with a free one year subscription, which gives you access to all LIVE service functionality. Continue accessing LIVE Services for only $59.95 a year thereafter.

*Estimate based on driving 16,000 miles a year and saving 5 cents per gallon.

LIVE Fuel Prices


Fuel Prices is part of TomTom LIVE Services. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all in one smart bundle.

LIVE Services is available via:

TomTom GO LIVE 1535 Series

Find out more about TomTom LIVE Services.

Driving smarter every day. Wherever you go.

Fuel Prices service is also available as a non-LIVE service for TomTom GO/ONE/XL devices.

Learn More about the non-LIVE Fuel Price Service

LIVE Fuel Prices

How often is the LIVE Fuel Price data updated?

Updated Fuel Price information is sent directly to your TomTom LIVE GPS once a day. We strive to provide the most up-to-date pricing data possible. However, it's possible that a gas station may change their pricing after you've received your update.

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I have a TomTom LIVE device; Can I buy the LIVE Fuel Prices service outside the LIVE Services bundle?

Users of the TomTom LIVE device can only receive LIVE Fuel Prices as part of the TomTom LIVE Services bundle. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all available in one smart bundle. Read more about LIVE Services.

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