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TomTom HD Traffic

TomTom HD Traffic. Driving Revolutionized.

Get the most accurate, comprehensive and frequent traffic information available. TomTom HD Traffic™ is more accurate, provides more road coverage than any other traffic solution and delivers updates every 2 minutes to get you around traffic more effectively than ever before.

As soon as an accident or other delay is found on your route, TomTom alerts you and can re-route you to an alternative, faster route.

Why TomTom HD Traffic?

Why TomTom HD Traffic

How to use TomTom HD Traffic in your device

TomTom HD Traffic works straight out of the box on any TomTom LIVE device. Unlike other traffic solutions, there are no additional antennas or wires cluttering up your car. Just take it out of the box, turn it on and go. With TomTom HD traffic you'll never have to sit in traffic again.

Navigation Mode

Enter your destination and accurate traffice information will appear, giving a clear overview of the traffic situation on the route.

Browse Map Mode

Get a traffic situation overview in specific areas or in the whole country.

Navigation ModNavigation Mod

How GPS Traffic Solutions compare

You know your GPS can get you from A to B. The question you have now is: How can a traffic service benefit me? Below is a representative example of how a route can be impacted by traffic, and how various GPS solutions can save you time and stress.

GPS Traffic Solutions

How is TomTom HD Traffic different from RDS Traffic?

So what makes TomTom HD Traffic better than RDS Traffic? The answer lies in the amount of different data sources that TomTom HD Traffic uses. Below is a list of the traffic information that each solution utilizes to compile a real-time view of the traffic situation.

omTom HD Traffic RDS Traffic

TomTom HD Traffic

Receive the latest traffic information LIVE on your TomTom device!

TomTom’s Revolutionary HD Traffic is the most comprehensive, up-to-date traffic solution available. Using HD Traffic, you’ll receive a detailed incident report about the duration, length and cause of delays on your route. This dynamic route guidance takes into account constant real-time updates, to allow for any traffic jams that may occur while you are driving. In fact, as soon as an accident or other delay is found on your route, TomTom alerts you and can re-route you to an alternative, faster route.

Let TomTom HD Traffic get you to your destination faster than ever with:

Most Accurate ReportingTomTom HD traffic captures and reports more actual traffic jams to help you avoid delays.
More Road CoverageOnly TomTom HD Traffic can recognize traffic conditions on secondary roads to re-route you clear of traffic more often.
More Frequent UpdatesTomTom HD Traffic delivers updates ever 2 minutes to help you steer clear of traffic sooner.
RESULT:You'll spend less time in traffic and get to your destination faster.

Know the road with HD Traffic and save time, money & stress.

TomTom HD Traffic

Watch TomTom HD Traffic in action

With TomTom HD Traffic information on your screen you immediately know where the traffic is. See for yourself what TomTom HD Traffic looks like by looking at the current traffic situation.

Get the most up-to-date traffic information available for your route, live on your TomTom LIVE device with TomTom High Definition Traffic™.

How TomTom HD Traffic works

In order to supply HD Traffic data to your GO LIVE device, TomTom gathers traffic data from three sources:

  • Incident Data: Third party providers supply real-time incident data capturing congestion caused by accidents, road construction or road closures.

  • Flow Data: Real-time information on the movement of hundreds of thousands of partner passenger cars, delivery vehicles, connected devices, & cellular phones. The partners report this data to TomTom, so that TomTom can give you an accurate read of actual traffic conditions.

  • Historical Data: Because of IQ Routes' database of actual speed profiles for every road in North America, TomTom knows that traffic travels at different speeds during different times of day and different times of the week. With TomTom’s exclusive IQ Routes technology, routes are evaluated base on actual traffic speeds, rather than posted speed limits and will recommend the fastest route for the time of day you’re traveling.

Using this information, TomTom then:

  • Evaluates this data relative to the traffic profile information to determine current traffic condition on roads.
  • Delivers the data in real-time to TomTom LIVE, connected devices.
  • Provides real-time data and notifies drivers of new traffic alerts or changing condition on their routes.
  • Gets you around traffic faster than ever.

TomTom HD Traffic

Road Network Coverage:

TomTom HD Traffic offers an average of 50% more road coverage than third parties. It also covers up to 95% of highways, as well as secondary roads. The large number of TomTom connected devices on the road enables HD Traffic to provide its users with reliable traffic information, even in city centers. This is something that no other traffic information provider can do today!

Sample Coverage:

New York City

New York City

Sample Coverage:

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County

TomTom HD Traffic

TomTom HD Traffic products

HD Traffic is part of TomTom LIVE Services. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all available in one smart bundle.

LIVE Services is available via: