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Drive smarter every day, wherever you go!

Stay in the know on the go with TomTom LIVE Services.

Real-time driving information saves you time, money, and stress. Traffic, Weather, TomTom Places and more!

Real-time services work right out of the box via a built-in wireless data connection.

Customer Reviews - Live Services

"Stays on the windshield well, it's very clear on where to turn, gives traffic info, gas price info, road construction alerts, and if there is a long delay ahead in your trip, it will give you the option of an alternate route while driving."

"I like how it shows which lane to be in and what road you are on and the names of all roads coming up and what road you are in."

"Ease of use, frequent updates, accuracy (most cases), and ability to provide feedback on road changes"

"I have one and know what it does. Live traffic is a plus. Especially in the city or any other area you are not familiar with. The tom Tom tells you what lane to be in if your driving in a big city that has for example four lanes."

Real-time LIVE Services

TomTom LIVE Services offers the best real-time services straight to your TomTom device, all in one convenient bundle:

HD Traffic™Most accurate. Most updates. Best coverage. Independent tests prove HD Traffic is the best way to beat traffic jams.
LIVE Fuel PricesGet the latest fuel prices on the go or in your area. Locate the lowest priced fuel on your route and navigate directly to it.
TomTom PlacesFind countless stores, restaurants and businesses wherever you are and navigate directly there with the power of TomTom Places.
LIVE QuickGPSfix™Automatically updates satellite locations so you are on your way faster.
WeatherReceives local and five-day forecasts so you can make plans based on the latest weather at your destination.

Save time and money

TomTom LIVE products come with 1 year free LIVE Services. After your trial, you may choose to continue LIVE Services for $59.95/year.

How does LIVE Services work?

TomTom LIVE services are 'live connected' services.
This means that information and updates for each service - such as the latest traffic information, or weather forecasts - are sent directly to the wireless modem in your TomTom GPS device so you don't need to activate anything and don't need to connect a mobile phone to your navigation device. Just get on the road, and your device does the rest.


LIVE Services is available on all TomTom 'LIVE' models. LIVE models are available for GO, VIA and XL products.

Save time and money

TomTom LIVE products come with 1 year free LIVE Services. After your trial, you may choose to continue LIVE Services for $59.95/year.

LIVE Coverage

Free Trial:

You can try TomTom LIVE Services free for 1 year on the following devices:

TomTom GO LIVE 1535 Series

Find out more about TomTom LIVE Services.

Driving smarter every day. Wherever you go.

More TomTom Services

TomTom LIVE services is only part of the wide range of extra services TomTom has to offer. To see all the great services available for your TomTom device, just click here.

TomTom LIVE enabled devices come with a free one-year trial of LIVE services.

After that, you'll be prompted to renew your subscription for only $59.95 a year. That's just $0.16 per day. At TomTom, we are dedicated to making connectivity more affordable and more accessible to our users.

To renew, just connect your device to your computer and run MyTomTom. It will automatically detect that your service is ending and ask if you'd like to renew.

FAQ About LIVE Services

Do I also need a mobile phone with Bluetooth - as well as a compatible TomTom device - to be able to use LIVE Services?

No, there's no need for a mobile phone. All TomTom devices that offer LIVE Services are ready to use. You do not need to connect anything and can directly make use of the free introductory subscription to LIVE Services for 1 year.

However, if your TomTom supports Bluetooth™ Handsfree calling, you may connect a mobile phone to your device, to take advantage of this feature.

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My 1-year trial to LIVE Services is up. How do I renew my subscription?

Your TomTom LIVE GPS will prompt you when your trial is almost up. Tap 'Yes' on the screen and enter your email address to continue accessing LIVE Services.

You will then receive an e-mail with simple instructions on how to renew your LIVE Services subscription via MyTomTom.

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What happens when the free introductory subscription that came with the device ends?

When your introductory subscription expires, you can start a new subscription via MyTomTom for $59.95 per year, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

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Can I still use my LIVE device after the introductory subscription has ended and I have not yet renewed it?

If you decide not to renew your LIVE Services subscription once the free introductory period has ended, you will still be able to use all the GPS navigation functions of your device. And, if you decide to renew your subscription to LIVE Services at a later date, it's easy to subscribe via MyTomTom.

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Can I end my LIVE Services subscription at any time?

There is no minimum subscription period to LIVE Services. You can end it at any time - all you need to do is give one month’s notice.

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In which countries can I use my LIVE Services subscription?

You can only use your LIVE Services subscription in the country where your TomTom GO LIVE GPS was purchased.

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The TomTom LIVE GPS device has a built-in data connection. Does this mean that I can be traced?

No, not at all. TomTom takes privacy of personal information very seriously, and the information we see is entirely anonymous. We only see information about the speed and direction traveled of a TomTom LIVE GPS device use. We don't know anything about the devices themselves, including who owns them.

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Can I subscribe to just one LIVE service instead of the whole TomTom LIVE Services bundle?

No. Currently every LIVE service is available in a bundle only for TomTom LIVE devices. If you want to buy separate services, you can have a look at the additional services available for download via TomTom HOME desktop software or buy via MyTomTom.

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How do I pay for a LIVE Services subscription?

Payment to LIVE Services is simple - once you've subscribed via MyTomTom, your credit/debit card will be charged $59.95 a year until you cancel.

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What is the difference between TomTom LIVE Services and TomTom Services?

TomTom LIVE services is a bundle of services using a real-time connection. Information and updates are sent straight to your device over the air or every time you connect to MyTomTom. With LIVE Services you pay a fixed amount per year, so you don’t have to worry about any additional phone costs. You will save time and money making use of this great combination of services.

To use TomTom LIVE Services, you need to have a LIVE connected device.

If you do not have a LIVE connected device, you can subscribe to a lot of useful and fun services via MyTomTom. This is desktop software you can install on your computer with which you can download these services directly and separately (not in a bundle) to your TomTom device. However, to be able to use the services that require instant updates (such as HD Traffic or Fuel Prices), you will need a wireless connection set up via your mobile phone (via GPRS mobile data connection).

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What do I need to subscribe to LIVE Services?

You will need a TomTom GPS with a built-in data connection. Currently, LIVE Services are available in the U.S. & Canada. Click here to find LIVE products. One year of access to LIVE Services is included with all new LIVE devices. To continue receiving the service, it's only $59.95 per year, thereafter.

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