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Whether your business provides insurance for property, injury, life, health or vehicles, highly accurate mapping is a business-critical tool. Equally important is your map's flexibility. The ability to layer precise traffic data, pinpoint addresses and track census information offers the potential for a revolution in your efficiency and profitability. Our products make this possible.

Our key business advantages for the insurance industry include:

  • Improved risk assessment: Capture more risk factors with TomTom's detailed map layers and historical traffic information
  • Danger zones: Easily identify hotspots such as flood zones and road networks with poor safety records
  • Future proof data: Our data is continually refreshed and can inform accurate predictions and changes in policy
  • More satisfied customers: More accurate quotations can win you new business

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Body - Insurance

Insurance companies face the challenge of making good risk assessment models and improving them continuously. More and more data is used to do this and geographical data plays an increasingly important role in this field. TomTom products can help to understand and mitigate risk associated with various insurance products such as home or auto insurance. By combining geocoded locations with other data sets (flooding, earthquake, etc.) risk assessments can be made specific to a location.

Problem / NeedsOpportunities
Risk assessment- health / propertyIncrease accurate geocoding. For health, can associate risk with current and past locationsReduces risk uncertainty. Could also provide enhanced risk maps
Risk assessment- vehicleRisk currently based on vehicle garage. Better to base on specific exposureIncrease accuracy of risk assessment for individual policies
Marketing and AdvertisingFor risk balancing, want to identify policies with proper exposure
Marketing based on desired risk profile. Increases sales with reduced cost


TomTom delivers a comprehensive range of map, route and traffic products to assist every aspect of your business. Highlights include:

Body - Product - MultiNetBody - Product - Post

MultiNet provides the richest, freshest and most accurate global road network database.
It integrates turn-by-turn directions, road data including signage and intersections to get your services moving quickly and efficiently.
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Post drives enterprise efficiencies with cartographic representations for postal codes in the United States and Canada.
It extends the functionality of MultiNet by providing detailed point and boundary representations of postal districts, linking to municipal coverage and providing for additional analytical capabilities.
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Body - Product - Custom Area AnalysisBody - Product - Administrative Areas

Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis, both historical traffic content, reveal the risks travelers face every day.
Specify the route or area you require and analyze it at any hour of the day, and any day of the year.
Understand road usage in extreme weather conditions, when school lets out, and even the impact of holidays.
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Administrative Areas offers commercial-grade boundaries of municipal and census defined geographic divisions in the United States and Canada.
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Body - Product - Address Points

Address Points delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy for your business by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels.
By constantly seeking and incorporating address data from many private and government sources, TomTom delivers a highly relevant and high resolution dataset for address geocoding.
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