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Drive with world-class traffic information

What is Smartphone Connected?

Do you want to use your own smartphone to access TomTom Traffic on your navigation device? Then you need to choose a Smartphone Connected1 device.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic - Smartphone Connected

Smartphone Connected devices use your existing smartphone data plan to access TomTom Traffic as well as other services like TomTom Speed Cameras2 by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth®.

Travelling abroad? If you plan to travel abroad and want to use TomTom Traffic, be aware that additional costs can be incurred on your phone as roaming will need to be switched on to continue to receive traffic information. Check your data plan and/or contact your network provider for more information on costs for roaming.

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Is my smartphone compatible?

TomTom has developed and tested the Smartphone Connected functionality with iPhones and Android devices.

Follow the simple steps below to check whether you are able to use your smartphone to access TomTom Traffic on a Smartphone Connected1 device:

  1. Go to Settings in your smartphone
  2. Check whether there is something called Personal Hotspot on iPhone or Tethering and portable hotspot on Android - under more settings.
  3. Check that you can turn on the Personal Hotspot (iPhone) or Bluetooth® tethering (Android).
  4. Finally please check that your phone has a valid data connection by opening a web browser – checking that a page will load.
  5. If all the above steps work, then your smartphone is compatible with a Smartphone Connected device

If any of steps 1-3 do not work for you, then your phone is not compatible with a Smartphone Connected device and you will not be able to access TomTom Traffic or TomTom Speed Cameras on your device.

If step 4 is a problem (but all other steps work), TomTom recommends that you speak to your mobile operator about adding a data plan to your smartphone before purchasing a Smartphone Connected device.

Phones tested were all running standard software according to manufacturer specifications. Some phones use customised software, such as co-branded phones (branded by a network provider rather than the manufacturer). In these cases, TomTom cannot always guarantee compatibility.

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How do you get TomTom Traffic on a Smartphone Connected device?

Firstly, you need to ensure you have a compatible smartphone with a valid data plan. Setting up a connection then only takes a few steps:

  1. Turn on your TomTom navigation device. 
  2. Go to the Main Menu. 
  3. Tap "Traffic & Speed Cameras"
  4. On your phone turn on Personal Hotspot (also called Bluetooth tethering), and then Bluetooth. 
  5. Pair and connect your phone with your TomTom device. 
  6. Register or log into your TomTom account on your device, and you are ready to start driving with TomTom Traffic.

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How much data will TomTom Traffic use?

On average, if you drive for an hour per day during peak time traffic, you will use approximately 7MB data per month. This is less than the equivalent of downloading or streaming 2 music tracks per month (which use around 5MB each).

The amount of data that is exchanged depends on:

  • Frequency of use – TomTom Traffic is a real-time service. The more you drive, the more often your device will request traffic updates, resulting in higher data usage. 
  • Time of day - during rush hour there are usually more traffic incidents. This means more data needs to be transferred than when roads are quiet (i.e. at night or in the middle of the day).

NOTE: If you plan to travel abroad and want to use TomTom Traffic, be aware that additional costs could be incurred on your phone as roaming would need to be switched on to continue to receive traffic information. We recommend you check the cost related to roaming with your network provider.

1Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply.
2Please note: TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras are not available in all countries. For full coverage details click here.