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TomTom Traffic

Now called TomTom Traffic

The quickest route through traffic, proven

Get the most up-to-date traffic information available for your route, live on your TomTom LIVE device with TomTom High Definition Traffic.

You receive detailed incident reports about the length and reason of the delays, the most accurate delay information, travel- and arrival times, and alternative route proposals. All this information is sent directly to your TomTom navigation system.

TomTom Traffic is a revolution in traffic information offering you the best coverage, the most updates from the best sources and it is fully automated.

TomTom is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion for all

Today, drivers using TomTom Traffic can already reduce their journey times by on average 15%.

When 10% of people drive with TomTom Traffic™ there is a real-time "collective effect", roads flow more efficently and journey times will be reduced for everyone.

  Traffic Manifesto

TomTom Traffic

Receive the latest traffic information LIVE on your TomTom device!

It’s officially the quickest way through the traffic. With more accurate traffic info, wider coverage – and up to seven times more updates than anyone else – independent tests prove TomTom Traffic is the best way to beat the jams. This dynamic route guidance takes into account constant updates, to allow for any traffic jams that may occur while you are driving.

  • Coverage - You're covered wherever you go in TomTom Traffic countries, with information on 99,9% of roads in your country, including the secondary roads other providers ignore.

  • Frequency - With the traffic situation often changing quickly, you'll need to know the latest – we update TomTom Traffic information every two minutes, directly to your device. As soon as we know about it, so do you.

  • Accuracy - Highly accurate information from multiple sources means you get reliable arrival times, so even if you are delayed, you know about it.

Detailed incident report about the duration, length and cause of delays on your route mean you have all the information you need to make a decision – whether or not to take the alternative route that is automatically offered to you if it's available.

1. Save time
TomTom Traffic knows the traffic conditions on all roads. This means that a navigation system using TomTom Traffic can offer you the quickest route through the jams. Now you can plan your day confidently while saving up to 15% of your usual travel time! You will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, an effect of the reduction of fuel consumption on your journey.

2. Know your time of arrival
The TomTom Traffic navigation systems provide live traffic information based on superior information sources. This is then completely integrated into your TomTom navigation experience. Now, because your device will always calculate the quickest route through the jams, you will have an accurate time of travel and arrival.

3. Reducing congestion for all
There are various ways in which you can access TomTom Traffic information, and by using these you will be contributing to the overall reduction of traffic congestion. These are: - you can receive the traffic information on your LIVE device benefiting from dynamic route guidance (this includes LIVE PNDs, built-in car navigation and iPhone Application) - you can get the traffic information on your mobile while driving with multiple media channels now using this information - you can plan your route in advance using TomTom Traffic information on the TomTom Route Planner and other websites. When you navigate with a TomTom connected system, you already enjoy a reduction of up to 15% on your own journey times.

All this adds up to peace of mind, making your drive stress-free.

TomTom Traffic

Watch TomTom Traffic in action

With TomTom Traffic information on your screen you immediately know where the traffic is. See for yourself what TomTom Traffic looks like by looking at the current traffic situation.

Get the most up-to-date traffic information available for your route, live on your TomTom LIVE device with TomTom Traffic.

How TomTom Traffic works

TomTom Traffic uses a revolutionary new source of traffic information: the traffic flow of up to 80 million anonymous mobile phone users on the road, 1 million connected TomTom devices. From this anonymous data, TomTom knows exactly where, in which direction and at what speed all these mobile phone users are traveling throughout the road network. This real-time data is combined with other existing quality traffic information sources, resulting in the most complete and reliable traffic information.

How do I contribute to TomTom Traffic

The more people using TomTom Traffic, the better the information gets. So, by leaving your device on while driving, even on your commuting route, you will not only get the latest incident information ahead and help increase the quality of TomTom Traffic, but you will also contribute to the collective effect of reducing traffic congestion for all.

TomTom Traffic white paper (PDF 1.8 MB)

TomTom Traffic

Road Network Coverage:

TomTom Traffic offers an average of 50% more road coverage than third parties. It also covers up to 95% of highways, as well as A and B roads. The large number of TomTom connected devices on the road enables TomTom Traffic to provide its users with reliable traffic information, even in city centres. This is something that no other traffic information provider can do today!

European Coverage:

Driving out of your country? No problem, all LIVE devices can receive TomTom Traffic in up to 18 countries. The countries where you receive roaming depend on your device, but can include the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic products

TomTom Traffic is part of TomTom LIVE Services, which also includes Mobile Speed Cameras, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Google Search, LIVE Quick GPS and Weather. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, allowing you to get the best route, taking into account any traffic incidents on the way.

You already have a TomTom navigation device? Click on the 'buy in bundle button' and find out if your device supports LIVE services.

The TomTom Live Services is available on all TomTom Live devices, within the GO, XL and Via ranges. Check out the product section for specific products.

TomTom GO / XL / Via LIVE
TomTom Built-in Car Navigation

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FAQ TomTom Traffic

Why is TomTom Traffic the best information available?

TomTom Traffic is the richest traffic information on three levels. First of all it offers the highest jam accuracy, then the highest refreshment frequency, as well as the highest km miles coverage on your road network.

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Is it possible to buy TomTom Traffic separately?

You can only buy TomTom Traffic as part of TomTom LIVE Services. It brings you the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device, all available in one smart bundle. Read more

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Is it useful for me to always leave my TomTom Traffic device on while driving?

Yes. Not only will you receive real-time traffic information updated every 2 minutes, but you will also contribute to the collective effect of reducing traffic congestion for all, as well as reducing your own journey time by up to 15%.

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Can I Receive TomTom Traffic outside my home country?

Yes, TomTom Traffic will be available in 17 countries + South-Africa

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Is roaming in the other 15 countries backward compatible on devices sold before GO LIVE 1000?


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The TomTom devices with TomTom Traffic all use a built-in receiver including a SIM-card. Does this mean that I can be traced?

No, not at all. TomTom takes privacy of personal information very seriously, and the information that retreived is entirely anonymous. Read more

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