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sat nav screen protection
    • In stock

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      Product details

      Glare guard

      Better visibility with less glare and reflections.

      Anti-scratch protection

      Effectively protects against fingerprints and scratches.


      Easy to attach and remove.

      Cleaning cloth

      Keeps the screen clear and fingerprint-free.

      In the box

      6” Screen protector for TomTom GO 620/6200

      5” Screen protector for TomTom GO 520/5200

      6” Screen protector for TomTom GO 600/6000/TRUCKER 6000/GO 610/6100

      5” Screen protector for TomTom GO 500/5000/Trucker 500/5000/GO 510/5100

      Universal 5” Screen protector

      Cleaning cloth

      Instruction manual

      Compatible products

      GO 50

      GO 51

      GO 500

      GO 510

      GO 520

      GO 600

      GO 610

      GO 620

      GO 5000

      GO 5100

      GO 6000

      GO 6100

      GO 6200

      GO LIVE 825

      VIA 52

      Via LIVE 125

      Via 125/135

      START 25

      START 50

      START 52

      TRUCKER 5000

      TRUCKER 6000

      TRUCKER 500

      XXL IQR Edition

      GO 5200