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Location based data and map reports

TomTom uses your data anonymously

Your data helps make journeys better
As you drive with a TomTom device, App or in-dash system, you generate location data. With your permission, we store this data on your device until we retrieve it. We anonymise, aggregate and redistribute it, to make everyone's journeys faster and more predictable.

We do everything we can to respect and safeguard the contribution made by every single driver.  We make sure that you are always in control of your data. It means we ask you for permission to use your data, tell you how we will use it and allow you to opt out at any time. 

We promise we will treat your data very carefully. We will only use it for the purpose and duration you have agreed to and we will protect it against misuse. If we no longer need your data, we will destroy it.

We create profiles of the roads, not of people.

Why is location data needed?
Location data are time stamped GPS positions related to where a vehicle has been.

  • The more location data that is generated the more accurate our products and services become and the better the experience for everyone. For example, maps become richer, arrival times more exact and traffic jam avoidance more accurate.
    The data that TomTom uses is related to location only and is not linked to any vehicle or driver. The location data we use is completely anonymous. 
  • TomTom LIVE Services uses location data to deliver real-time journey information, such as live traffic updates and safety camera information to keep you moving safely. To deliver TomTom LIVE Services to you, your device, App or in-dash system continuously records its location, periodically sending this data to TomTom’s servers.
    By using location data, we ensure you are always on the best route possible. If there is congestion or any hold up on your route, we will automatically search for an alternative, faster route.

Our promises to you:

  • You are in control at all times: we ask permission before collecting and using your data.
  • You can decide to switch on and off data collection either on the device itself (with software versions from 2012 onwards) or via TomTom HOME (for older software versions).
  • Your location data is used in an anonymous way to help improve our maps and map related products. We also use it in to generate HD Traffic information.
  • We completely erase your LIVE Services and HD Traffic journey history from our internal systems within 20 minutes of you switching off your device. We are then not able to connect any location data to your device.
  • We do not keep any record of Local Search requests, Twitter or other App use connected to your device.
  • You decide whether you want to send your Map Share changes or safety camera reports to TomTom. There is no obligation to do so.

More about data sharing:

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Your data and third parties  

TomTom Privacy Policy

Internet, e-mail and MyTomTom

Your MyTomTom account
We encourage all TomTom customers to register their device with a MyTomTom account. Through this account, you can give us permission to send you email updates on our products and services.

You can also link your MyTomTom account with your device, so that you can buy things like maps and voices in our webshop. You can also share voices, points of interest, images and more via TomTom HOME. (This feature is under development for MyDrive.)

Using our websites

You can use our websites, including our on-line route planner, without identifying yourself. However, some parts of the website require logging in with your MyTomTom account. For example the webshop or TomTom HOME require you to log in to perform activities such as buying a map and downloading the latest software.

In order to function properly or to make it easier for you to use, our website needs to be able to store and access information (so-called “cookies”) in the browser on your computer. We use this for example to store your preferences, such as language settings and on our on-line route planner to show you the part of the map shown last time.

In order to improve our website and to detect malicious or fraudulent use, we also collect, aggregate and analyse information on how visitors use our website.

Our promises to you:

  • We collect your e-mail address, when you create a MyTomTom account, to be used as your user name. We use it for support purposes or, if you allow us, to send you TomTom newsletters.
  • You are not obliged to enter additional information such as address, phone number, date of birth etc. when you create a MyTomTom account.
  • You can opt-in to receiving TomTom newsletters via MyDrive, TomTom HOME and opt-out via the MyTomTom section on the website or by clicking on the link in newsletters.
  • We follow privacy settings of your browser regarding cookies and location.
  • We do not use cookies to analyse or profile your behaviour: we only use cookies to store your preferences, for so-called session management and to improve our website. We also do not allow others (“third parties”) to put cookies in the browser on your PC via our websites.

More about data sharing:

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Sharing your data with others

TomTom does not share your data with anyone else, unless they perform activities on our behalf, or when we are legally obliged to do so.

The data we share, when we share it and why:

  • If you have an integrated in-car navigation system we share your contact details, identification of your vehicle and navigation system, and information about how we have supported you. We share this with the car manufacturer only.
  • Contracted business partners: We share your personal information with business partners that we have contracted to perform certain activities on our behalf and under our responsibility. This includes customer support and product repairs.
  • Location data: We only share location data in aggregated form, as part of our maps and traffic products. The data you have given us permission to use is anonymous, and cannot be tracked back to you.

Our promises to you

  • We remain responsible for the data we share with 3rd parties and the way they use it.
  • We have specific contractual and operational agreements in place to protect your information and prevent misuse.
  • We never share data about the way you have used your system, e.g. location data, not even in anonymous form.

Data we receive from third parties

  • Information for sales and market research purposes: From time to time we obtain information about individuals, consumer and business, to inform them about our products and services or to approach them in market surveys.
  • Information used in our products and services: To improve the quality of our products, such as maps and traffic information, we also use information from third parties. This includes real-time feeds of location and speed information from e.g. taxi fleets and mobile phone users.

Our promises to you

  • We only use the data for the purposes allowed by the 3rd party we obtained it from.
  • We have specific contractual and operational agreements in place to protect your information and prevent misuse.
  • Location or any other data related to movement of individuals always is obtained in an anonymous way: we never are able to identify the individual contributor nor will we try to.

Delivering data to Law Enforcement
In most countries we are obliged by local law to cooperate with requests from law enforcement authorities to disclose information we have about you. We comply with such request only when explicitly and lawfully ordered to do so following due legal process.

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