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Live Traffic

The most up-to-date traffic information

Experience the best traffic information

TomTom’s live traffic map is powered by TomTom Traffic™  - the most accurate traffic information available online.

Only TomTom takes existing traffic information and enhances it using anonymous data from 80 million mobile phone users on the road and 1.6 million connected TomTom devices. This makes TomTom’s Traffic revolutionary - able to deliver the world’s most accurate traffic information.

Three points make TomTom Traffic unique:

  • Coverage - You're covered wherever you go in TomTom Traffic countries with information on your roads, including the secondary roads other providers ignore.

  • Frequency - With the traffic situation changing quickly, you'll need to be kept informed - TomTom Traffic updates information every two minutes. As soon as we know about it, so do you.

  • Accuracy - Highly accurate information from multiple sources means you get reliable arrival times, so even if you are delayed, you know about it.

With more accurate traffic information, wider coverage and more updates, independent tests prove TomTom Traffic is the best way for you to beat the jams. 

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Live Traffic

The most up-to-date traffic information

Enjoy the features

  • The detailed incident report list tells you the length, delay and cause, so you can decide whether to plan an alternative route.

  • You can even sort traffic incidents by length, road number or delay time.

  • You can visually identify the cause of the incident, whether it’s an accident, a lane closure or roadworks, for example.

  • The user-friendly ‘mini map’ lets you view traffic severity at country or street level.

  • You can zoom in and out with ease for a closer or wider view of the current traffic situation.

  • Traffic information is clustered in a single icon, so you can quickly see the number of incidents in an area and their severity.

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