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Advanced Driving Attributes

Automotive companies are developing the next generation of in-car systems intended to maximize safety and improve operating efficiency. TomTom supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and other applications with our Advanced Driving Attributes. These are ADAS compliant, and next generation, attributes that enable our customers to differentiate themselves with solutions that route and navigate drivers with safe and efficient guidance. These systems are compelling to consumers who are interested in protecting themselves and their families, while limiting their environmental impact and saving money.

Advanced map based applications, including ADAS, have traditionally been limited in functionality due to the high cost of data collection. With a variety of cost-effective sourcing technologies, TomTom can offer an array of attributes on a much larger selection of roadways than previously possible. We enable advanced map applications not just on major roads and in large metropolitan areas, but also on smaller roads where most serious accidents occur.

TomTom combines four different data collection techniques, using our proprietary methods, to create high quality advanced map based quality applications. For each attribute, we select the most accurate data source, and validate it with our other sources. Furthermore, we offer data quality attribution which provides developers the opportunity to design innovative services at different accuracy levels.

Highly accurate data
Multiple sources used to validate dataImproves application performance
Gradient has quality rangesAllows customers to differentiate products based on level of quality
Broad Coverage
+40 countriesFacilitates product launches in multiple markets
Multiple data sources
Community input from trillions of anonymous GPS measurementsIncreases freshness, accuracy and granularity of data
Satellite and aerial imageryEnsures highest quality data by using the best aspects of each collection technologyProduces fast geocoding at every postal level
Mobile mapping vans and field analysts
Government and private sources
One global specification
Develop tools once and deploy around the worldEnables quick time to market

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