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Across many industries, enterprises use digital map data to drive key strategic initiatives and promote operational efficiencies. MultiNet Post supports these efforts with cartographic representations for valid postal codes in the United States and Canada.

It is designed for data users who require robust location accuracy. It includes the most current and complete postal information available to TomTom for geocoding, analysis and display applications. Each quarterly release incorporates updates from the postal authorities.

MultiNet Post extends the functionality of the MultiNet street map product by providing both point and boundary representations of postal districts down to the most detailed level available. The postal boundaries follow TomTom streets and other features to ensure optimal representation and overlay. Linkages to the corresponding municipal and census layers enable additional analytical capabilities.

High granularity
Provides both postal boundaries and centroidsIncludes the data necessary to create robust applications and conduct thorough analyses
Contains detailed information about specific postal points
Provides multiple levels for locating addresses associated with postal points, increasing address match rates
Ungeneralized boundariesIncludes precisely placed postal points
Enables high resolution analysis and display
Provides easily recognizable boundary data with full detail
Integrates with other TomTom products
Linkage to MultiNet street map productSimplifies implementation of applications requiring road network data
Linkage to municipal and census boundary productAssures node-to-node overlay
Produces fast geocoding at every postal level
One global specification
Designed to accommodate worldwide postal contentStreamlines development and speeds compilation

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