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Points of Interest

Users of digital maps demand information that enables them to find the people, places and services they need, wherever they are. MultiNet Points of Interest (POIs) offers content to do just that. Our POI product includes some delivered with the core MultiNet map database, as well as some available as a premium dataset. This results in the most comprehensive collection of POIs in the industry. We offer 45 million premium POIs globally, including the most popular food, gas, lodging, and retail establishments. Each POI features a number of key attributes that make it easy for users to find their destination of choice. POIs are validated quarterly to ensure accuracy and currency.

Brand Icons
Brand Icons is a layer of the POI product. These color reproductions of company logos (.jpg) further enhance map display by associating end user brand preferences with highly visible brand icons for specific POIs. By displaying a brand's logo on the map, users are able to personalize their navigation experience, making it simple and easy to navigate to places of personal preference. Additionally, the color logos enable users to quickly select destinations based on brand preference, rather than just proximity.

Highly accurate data
Multi-source validationResults in reliable POIs
Precisely geocoded
Broad coverage
45 million premium POIs globallyAssures that users can find whatever they are looking for
Over 500 POI categories
Rich map display
Logos from premium brandsMakes it easy to select your brand of choice
Links to MultiNet core map database
Full map update each quarterFacilitates accurate routing
Maintained with community input
One global specification
Develop tools once and deploy around the worldEnables quick time to market

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