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3D Landmarks & Landmark Icons

With the 3D Landmarks and Landmark Icons product TomTom introduces noteworthy structures and monuments to
the digital map environment. Most of these structures are instantly recognizable through their silhouette, architectural
style and historic significance. Their presence on the map greatly enhances the user orientation while contributing to the map’s visual appeal.

Reasons to Use TomTom 3D Landmarks and Landmark Icons

  • Enhance the map display with photo-realistic 3D representations of landmarks
  • Present the end-user with clearly recognizable waypoints to aid their orientation
  • Use together with Advanced City Models and 2D City Maps and leverage the full power of TomTom’s visualization product eco-system to differentiate from the competition and make your product offering irresistible to the enduser

Product Feature Highlights

  • Optimized for real-time 3D display
  • Tiered model complexity provides support to a range of hardware platforms. The customer can deploy the product even if their system does not have 3D capabilities by using the Landmark icon version of the product.
  • Precise geo-positioning of the models
  • Aligned with TomTom’s global navigable map database
  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete TomTom visualization product eco-system (Advanced City Models and 2D City Maps)
  • Comprehensive global coverage constantly expanded and updated

Levels of Detail (LOD) Offerings

  • 3D Landmark LOD1: Simpler model and a smaller texture provides support to the lowest specification hardware platforms with 3D capabilities
  • 3D Landmark LOD2: More detailed models and larger textures allows the higher specification systems to take full advantage of the their hardware capabilities
  • Landmark Icons: snapshots of the 3D Landmarks, delivered in three different resolutions, allow systems with no 3D rendering capabilities to deploy the product

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LOD2 Statue of Liberty
LOD2 Statue of Liberty
LOD2 Rio de Jeneiro
LOD2 Rio de Jeneiro
LOD2 Notre Dame
LOD2 Notre Dame

Body - 3D Landmark Icons

Landmark Icons

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